Elizabeth & Vincent, In one word: AMAZING! Adam and I are so happy with our wedding photographs! Our day was perfect! The day went by so fast and there were so many people at the wedding that we didn’t get to see everyone and everything that day. You two were our eyes for the day and you captured EVERY moment. You have the shot where I looked at my dad as we started walking down the aisle and then I started crying. You got the shot when Adam said “I do” instead of “We will” and the entire wedding party broke out in laughter! These are truly the best wedding photographs that we have seen. Not only are you both excellent photographers, you are very nice people and you were so fun to work with! The wedding slideshow was perfect. I laughed and I cried and laughed some more. Every time I look at the pictures, I remember how much fun we had and what a great day it was. Thank you so much for sharing your talent in this way and for doing such an amazing job on our big day!

Many Thanks, Julie & Adam

Julie & Adam

Not only were we absolutely thrilled with the pictures, but we really enjoyed working with you. We’ve heard countless compliments about the quality of your work, but also about how nice you were to talk to, how you spent so much time with us, and how you really seemed to go the “extra mile”. Several people have even commented that ours were the best wedding pictures they had ever seen – and we know that that had nothing to do with the bride and the groom in the pictures!! Perhaps the best compliment is that most people have been moved to tears while watching that slideshow. We are so grateful for everything you did to make our day and our memories so perfect.

Kathleen & Brandon

Hi Vincent and Elizabeth! We just finished looking at the pictures. We are absolutely speechless and are both wiping tears away!!! They are perfect, exactly what we wanted. It really reminds us everything about the day and everything we were feeling. We can’t begin to say thank you enough! You guys were amazing and the pictures speak for themselves! We will cherish these forever. You guys were really great to work with, everyone had great comments about you both. We will definitely be referring people to you.

Thank you both so much! Meghan and Ryan

Meghan & Ryan

Vincent, they’re absolutely amazing! I am so glad we found you to photograph our wedding. My sister-in-law says that if she could go back and do one thing from her wedding it would be to be more choosy about her wedding photographers because she doesn’t have pictures from that day that she even likes to look at. I think I’m quite the opposite since I’ll be showing them to everyone I know! =) Thank you again a million times over. I will gladly, emphatically even, recommend you to any friends I have getting married in the future.

Holly & Nicholas

Hi Elizabeth & Vincent, I have been waiting to respond because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say…. We are beyond words! The pictures are so beautiful and paint the picture of the day perfectly. There are so many moments that you captured without us even realizing you were there! Thank you so much for these beautiful memories of our wedding. You were both so wonderful to work with and we have enjoyed getting to know you. I don’t know how we’ll decide which ones to develop and frame…. not enough wall space in our little apartment!! We promise to shamelessly promote you to all other friends planning a wedding in the future!

Thank you for everything!

Jess & Corey

Elizabeth and Vincent! It is difficult to find the words to express how happy we are with the wedding photos! It is exactly what we were hoping for! We feel like we will be able to re-live the day time and time again through the photos that you have taken. Thank you for you giving us that gift. You both did a wonderful job, and it was an absolute pleasure working with both of you! We’ll be in touch!

Thank you, Emily and Jeremy

Emily and Jeremy

Vincent! Thank you so much! There are pictures that immediately take me right back to the moment they were taken, and I truly believe that 30, 50, however many years from now they will still have that power (especially the pictures in the church after the ceremony… they are my favorite)! My mom said she has looked at the pictures every day this week and “bawls every time”. The pictures are wonderful, it really meant so much to have you there on that day….. after 2 years I felt like you were part of the family! Thank you again so much! ! I feel like I am typing a weird rambling goodbye message…… sigh……but honestly, we have both grown to the think of you and your family as much more that just ‘our wedding photographer’ and we hope for nothing but wonderful and amazing things for you. I will keep reading your blogs for amazing pictures and family updates :)

Thank you again!!

Jess & Andrew

The wedding photos are fantastic! I can’t imagine most photographers being able to capture the moment the way you did. You seemed to be in the right place at the right time. The contrived, hokey pictures I’ve seen in many wedding albums are not what we have. Instead, I think we will have wedding albums that truly represent Kathryn’s wedding day– You did a tremendous job of expressing the emotions everyone was feeling, and you did so in a creative and artistic way. We are thrilled with the pictures!

Thanks so much! Debbie -Mother of the Bride

Debbie -Mother of the Bride

Elizabeth & Vincent! Anthony and I would like to thank you and Elizabeth from the bottom of our hearts! The pictures are amazing!! There was not a dry eye in the living room yesterday when we finished watching the slideshow. You guys were so great on Saturday, catching all of the right moments Thank you again for making our special day even more special!

Devon & Anthony

Hi Elizabeth, I just looked at the pictures and they are awesome! You guys did a phenomenal job and I can’t wait for everyone else to see them. Thank you so much!! We’re off on our honeymoon tomorrow but we’ll be back next Saturday. I started thinking about which ones I want for what purpose as I was seeing them so as soon as I get back we’ll get on ordering prints. I’m sure my mom will be way ahead of me though. :) Take care and thank you again so much.

We’ll be in touch soon!

Andrea & Tad

Elizabeth & Vincent, Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs! We could have not asked for better wedding photographers – the photos are absolutely gorgeous and not to mention you both are very fun to work with. Our friends and family can’t get over how many wonderful as well as unique shots you got. We can’t even decide which photographs we want to hang up in our home because there are too many good ones to choose from. You were absolutely great in every aspect. We highly recommend you to any one!

Thank you so much!!! Stephanie & Adam

Stephanie & Adam

Vincent, I just want to thank you for making this day so real even though the wedding is over. I love looking at the slideshow! You were so everywhere that day and it shows. You captured the essence of our sure joy, bliss, happiness, and fun during the day. We were relaxed having you there and you were not an intrusion on any part of the day.

Thanks again! Rose Richard Mother of the Bride

Rose Richard

Vincent- Just wanted to let you know that the wedding photos are absolutely fabulolus! They definitely exceeded my expectations. You were right when you said to view the slide show first. I think that Paige and I watched with our mouths open the whole time!! Thanks to you for everything you did for us. We are certain that we made the best choice possible for photography.

Many many thanks, Meredith & Ottie

Meredith & Ottie

Vincent, The slideshow is fantastic! Thanks for everything. Also, thanks for being “invisible” at the wedding… I didn’t really even notice you guys were there. Thanks so much again, Vincent. Kylie and I are both so excited about the images, and it was a pleasure working with you and Elizabeth.

Matt & Kylie

Hey Vincent! The wedding pictures were amazing!!!! Really, there was no doubt you should get paid to do what you do! :) We have really enjoyed sharing them with everyone and I don’t even know how many times I have looked at pictures since we first got the e-mail! Many people have cried and just been amazed at how you captured the day! Thank you SO much, I really could not have asked for our day to be captured any better!!!

Tama & Jeremy

Everyone has gone gaga about the photos and how amazing they are!!! Everything you did was unbelievable!!! You and Elizabeth were so great. The pictures are amazing and all of our friends are very impressed with them as well.

Stacey & James

I really wouldn’t expect you to be working on our stuff during the holidays. That’s going above and beyond in my book. The wedding photos are fantastic and Jane’s in love with tons that she wants to frame.

Thank you for everything!

Chris & Jane

Elizabeth and Vinny, I have seen the first set of photos of Stacy’s wedding on the your website. To say the least, they are amazing. I didn’t know you could improve upon what you did for Sam and I , I thought our photos were perfect. You have simply out done yourselves. They left me speechless. You capture the moments and that is priceless.

Thanks so much! Kristen (sister of the bride and former bride of yours!)


We love the pictures! The slideshow brought tears to our eyes. It was great to relive it all again. Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures. It was a pleasure working with you both. We are overly happy with our choice of photographers!

Angela & Nate

Vincent and Elizabeth, I cannot even put into words, how much I want to thank you for all the beautiful memories you have given me of my special day… I love all of them.. you did a great job.. Thank you both again very much.. You are great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber & Steve

Vincent, We love the photos! They are awesome- it was so great to see what happened for the parts of the day that I wasn’t involved in. We thought you really made us look glam- we loved the lighting and how you captured the fact it was an absolutely gorgeous day. I have already showed the website to a few of my friends- they think you are an awesome photographer, one of them, Erica (curly hair bridesmaid) was crying! They all knew you would be great w/ the pictures because they saw you running around at the wedding with all the different angles, and really thought the photos were fantastic!

Thanks again!!!!

Lauren & Chris

Thanks again for everything, we had a great time working with you and the pictures are amazing. I can’t believe how every single shot is so fabulous. I couldn’t be more impressed. My mom and I have both cried over them.

Tina & Nick

Hi Elizabeth and Vincent, Oh my gosh, I love them! I’m at work, and as tempted as I was to push everything aside and look through the entire gallery, I figured that wasn’t the greatest idea…I did watch the slideshow, though, and went to the public library over lunch to zoom through all the photos. I can’t wait to give them a better look later, and I can’t wait for Eric to see them. Thank you so much for your great work!

Kristen & Eric

The pictures are so beautiful! We have been able to show the wedding pictures to everyone in our families and they all are so pleased! You captured the moments of the day so that when we look through the slideshow and the picture gallery we feel like we are reliving the day. After the wedding, we kept talking about how you both did a wonderful job and we really enjoyed having you there! We could not have asked for better photographers or better pictures! You were both so wonderful to work with! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did. Thanks again for everything!

We could not be happier!

Rachel & Eric

Thank you so much for all that you did! I would recommend you to anyone (and I will :) ) We couldn’t thank you enough for making our day so memorable. You can just get back to me if there are any problems or to let me know when the album is on the way.

Thank you again!

Ashley & Adam

I just looked at the pictures from the wedding. I LOVE them. When I watched the slideshow that you put together it made me cry. I am so thankful that you were able to do our wedding, and will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know who is getting married. We could not have asked for better pictures. We did not have anyone video our wedding, and we didn’t need to, the pictures that you took tell the perfect story of our special day. I was afraid after building up in my mind how wonderful the pictures were going to be that I might be disappointed, but that is not the case at all. I could not be happier with the work that you did, I was shocked at how long you stayed at the reception. I kept thinking that you had left and then you would appear out of nowhere. A lot of people came up to me and made comments about how long you stayed and how you were constantly looking for a picture to take. I just said I know isn’t he wonderful. I could go on all day but I won’t, just wanted to let you know that the pictures that you took could not have been better. I will cherish them forever. Thank you so much, your pictures told the perfect story of our wedding day!

Katie & Adam

We have received numerous compliments on the both of you from the wedding. I’m so glad you were there to help share and capture the day. The pictures are beautiful – and I definitely teared up while watching the slide show. Again, thank you so much for being part of our day. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures!!!

You two were awesome!!

Emily & Jeff

Elizabeth and Vincent, The slideshow of Katie and Adam’s wedding. WOW!!!!! It is just beautiful. I have only seen it at work several times but have cried each and every time. My co-workers stood next to me with a box of kleenex for me to use. It began to get somewhat comical but I guess that is just a normal response from the mother of the bride. Again thanks for the beautiful pics. They will be treasured forever.

Tonna (Mother of the Bride)

We just completely enjoyed having you and Elizabeth photograph our wedding and we are still completely floored with how the pictures turned out. All of our family and friends have been raving about the pictures.

Alisha & Adam

Hi Elizabeth and Vincent! We made it back from Jamaica and had a wonderful time…but I wanted to get back to email you both and tell you how amazing you were. We had such a blast and can’t wait to see the memories you’ve captured. You both were great, very professional…and handled the boy’s antics very well!! Thanks again for everything. I will recommend you to EVERYONE! :) Take Care!

Kelli & Steve

WOW Vincent! That is all I can say! I have already watched the slideshow three times! And, Craig & I are SO impressed! The pictures are unbelievable! Thank you sooooo much! I am so happy with every one of them! Thanks again for everything you did for us! I don’t know if I can even explain to you how thrilled I am with your work! I will definitely be recommending you guys to every single person I know! :) We are just thrilled! Thanks again! :)

Ashley & Craig

Vincent and Elizabeth were great! I would recommend them to anyone. The variety and quality of our photographs were amazing. Vincent was able to capture every aspect of our entire day to the fullest. Not only that, he was very professional and not at all distracting as some photographers can be. He has a great personality, was easy to work with, and made us feel very comfortable. Also, the warmth and kindness we were shown made us feel like he was part of our family.

Stephanie & Eric

The pictures were so beautiful! We have sent the website to about everyone we know and they all love the pictures as well. Hope you don’t mind but I have done some advertising for you guys. I know a couple of people getting married next year and they are very interested in Elizabeth Vincent. Can’t tell you how much I love the pictures!!

Thanks so much!

Melissa & John

Vincent, We had an absolute wonderful wedding day and we are so glad you took so many great pictures so we will always remember the whole day!! You were not lying when you said you like to stay back and let us enjoy our day without being interupted. I can’t believe how many stunning images you took throughout the day without even asking us to pose. Most photographers cut out after the cake cutting, but you stayed until the end of the night!! It is hilarious and fun having all the pictures of people on the dance floor! We had so many people ask who you were and compliment on how long and hard you worked! You have a great personality and were so easy and fun to work with, not to mention the pictures are awesome!!!

Ashley & Jason

Oh my gosh….we love it!!!! Thank YOU so much! Thank you so much for the beautiful memories! Looking at the pictures brings the day back to life. You did an amazing job!! Of course, I have shown them to everyone. I wasn’t the only one who cried during the slide show, either. I just really need to stop crying everytime I look at them, though! I was talking to Leah on the phone when we were watching the slide show, and she said, “Mom, are you crying again?” Oh well! She’ll understand someday when her little girl gets married Thanks again for everything!

Vicki (Mother of the Bride)

The slide show is amazing, it made me cry. I love it, absolutely love it. Thank you SO much.

Lindsay & Jared

I just wanted to let both of you know how wonderful all of the pictures turned out. We never knew we could look so good! :) We have forwarded our slideshow and gallery along to many friends and family and many have been moved to tears. Everyone loves the photos and many are wondering where you came from. Will and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts- we love looking at the pictures over and over again- it helps remind us of everything that happened that day.I can see that both of you are passionate about what you do because it does show in your pictures and your unique view and take on the occasion. We are forever grateful and if there is anything we can ever do, please let us know.

Jenny & Will

Vincent and Elizabeth, Thank-you so much for photographing our wedding! It was such a pleasure to work with you guys. Even though I was in Chicago and not always on top of wedding details, you were so understanding and so good! We could not be more pleased with the pictures! We are absolutely thrilled. I emailed the online gallery out to our friends and we have received so many compliments! You had the perfect way of capturing really precious candid moments. We would HIGHLY recommend you guys to anyone and everyone getting married! Thanks again for capturing so beautifully our wedding day!

Lauren & Julian

We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did at our wedding. The only sure thing we knew in the wedding planning process was who we wanted to do our pictures! You truly captured all aspects of our special day. And it was doubly great that there was more than one photographer – you guys got everything. You have a talent of getting a great mix of photos between both candid photos and traditional… we really enjoyed seeing the shots during all of the special moments of the day and appreciated the diversity. Finally, we love that you were able to get us dvds with the photos. This turned to be a great option because we had several friends and family members that couldn’t make it, so watching the slideshow has been great. Honestly, choosing which pictures to put in the album has been the hardest part because there are so many great shots! We truly cannot thank you enough for the professional job you did at our wedding. Everything seemed seamless, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. In hindsight, the time becomes such a blur, but we have these pictures to cherish and remind us of our special day.

John & Christy

Before we found you, we struggled to find someone who could truly document the day in a photojournalistic fashion. Many claimed to be able to do this, but seemed to not realize that photojournalism is more than simply taking unposed photos. The few we did find wanted to required us to purchase large packages of prints or books — until we found Elizabeth Vincent Photography. We are thrilled with the photos and have had so many compliments from family and friends: one friend who was married earlier in the summer remarked enviously that our photos were what she had hoped to receive from her photographer! Additionally, Vincent was great to work with; friendly and professional when he was communicating with us and inconspicuous and unobtrusive when he was not.

Elizabeth & Aaron

We just wanted to say thank you for sharing in our special day. Our experience with you well surpassed our expectations. Your work truly unveiled itself like a movie. Every moment was captured. Everyone says that they absolutely love the pictures and that they were so true to life. In addition, your lack of obtrusiveness was greatly appreciated. We barely noticed that you were even there. However, never did we worry that you missed a moment. You were the best decision that we made during our wedding planning process. Thank you so much!

Alyson & Lamar

We truly enjoyed working with both Elizabeth and Vincent throughout our wedding planning and on our wedding day. They are true professionals, and it shines through their photography, as well as their promptness. We are very pleased with their work, and most importantly, the entire experience made us feel like we were getting the highest quality and service at the best value. The photos from our wedding day come to life with endless emotions and romantic storytelling. Elizabeth and Vincent truly create art with photography, which makes them exceptional! We really enjoyed getting to know both of you. You have a laid back style with a professional approach, which suits me and Kyle. I also particularly enjoyed your promptness by emailing the photos so quickly after the wedding. Overall, we are thrilled with the outcome and would irrefutably refer you. Our families and friends were so excited about the quality and quantity of photos and how you captured “the feel” of our day. Thank you!!!!1

Kelli & Kyle

We could not be any happier with the results! We were surprised and thankful that you were not already booked for our day. We were very pleased and knew that we would have some great photos, for Vincent was constantly moving around hoping to capture every single moment of our special day. Many of the guests commented on his efforts and were eager to see the photos, and everyone who has seen our photos has been very impressed. Thank you so much for your concern and willingness to help. You made this process very easy for us and the results are priceless. We really enjoyed working with you!

Leslie & Chandler

Our experience with Elizabeth and Vincent was spectacular and unforgettable. They were able to capture every essence of our day and were able to put a story together that was beyond anything we imagined. We had many ideas and both Elizabeth and Vincent went further than our dreams and took off with their creativity. From the initial phone call, to the end of our wedding day, they walked us through the process and brought a product that was more then expected. They were flexible and worked out the kinks for us and led us to a great beginning. Aside from being professional, both Elizabeth and Vincent bear down to earth personalities from the very moment upon meeting them. They uphold a great nature and make a very nerve-racking day much easier to go through. We thank you for capturing an unbelievable day and leaving us with outstanding memories.

Tony & Ann