Todd & Jane | Heinz Chapel | Fox Chapel Golf Club

Todd and Jane’s vision for their wedding was unique especially due to their circumstances. Both Todd and Jane are in the military, and due to both of them looking at upcoming deployments, they needed to move their wedding up before everything took affect. The quickly planned a December wedding with a intimate reception with no band, no D.J., no dancing, they visioned a reception where family and friends gathered together for great conversations, fantastic food and wonderful stories. They pulled it off with flying colors.

To everyone’s surprise, the winter in Pittsburgh has been has been extremely mind. As of the morning of their wedding, there hadn’t been any significant snowfall to date. Jane and Todd arrived at Heinz Chapel just a few minutes apart from each other as the bridesmaids scrambled to make sure they did accidentally catch a glimpse of the other before the ceremony. They were successful, and they saw each other for the first time as Jane captivated Todd and everyone else in attendance as she walked down the classic aisle at Heinz Chapel.

The ceremony was presided over by Todd’s father, who did a spectacular job. There was one exchange, between Todd and his father, that brought a roar from the guests. As his father asked if Todd would take Jane to be his wife, Todd paused while looking at Jane and ultimately his father and calmly said “Hell yes!” After the laughter died down, his dad, who also was laughing, looked out to the guests and only the way a parent can do, half jokingly mentioned that they raised him better than that.

After the ceremony concluded, the doors of the Chapel opened to a blustering snowstorm! Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the scene, especially Todd’s, being from Los Angeles. The snow died down a bit by the time we left the church, but were were able to get some photographs outside with them in the snow.

The reception was just as fun, with each best man giving a personal speech to Jane and Todd. Todd’s mother stole the show this time though. Near the end of the speeches, Todd thanked his parents for having him, and his mother confidently said “It was our pleasure!” The delivery was perfect, and she had a huge smile with just a hint of embarrassment!

It was a fantastic time, and I was honored to be a part of their special day. Congratulations jane and Todd!!

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